Thursday, March 24, 2016

Russia Is Using Israeli Drones In Syria

Alaa Faqir/Reuters

David Axe & Patrick Hilsman, Daily Beast: Russia is Flying Israeli Drones Against Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria

Military hardware from the Jewish State is helping Putin save Assad.

Russia’s sort-of-but-not-really withdrawal from Syria passed without the world noticing that it featured aerial technology from a surprising source —Israel, which provided the high-tech surveillance drones that apparently help the Russian warplanes find and strike their targets on the ground.

The Russian air force acquired a number of 20-foot-long Searcher drones from Israel Aerospace Industries, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, starting in 2010.

Russia also acquired from IAI, which is wholly owned by the Israeli government, a license to make its own copies of the propeller-driven Searcher, a rough equivalent of the U.S. military’s own Predator drone.

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WNU Editor: This is actually old news .... Russia, Syria use Israeli drones (Middle East Monitor). In fact .... Russia (indirectly) admitted this a few weeks ago .... Russia moves extra drones, radars to Syria to monitor truce (TASS). More here .... Are Israeli-built drones supporting Syria's Assad regime? (Middle East Eye).

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RRH said...

And then, as seen earlier on this sight, we have Google supporting overthrowing the government fighting the Islamo-fascists.