Saturday, March 19, 2016

What Will China's Military Space Station In Argentina Be Doing

Daily Mail: Mystery surrounds plans to build Chinese military 'space station'... on land in Argentina

* Leaders from countries worked on a deal to build space station years ago
* Deep space station' could be finished in the Patagonia region in months
* Concerns the base will focus more on military than space exploration

A secret Chinese 'space station' built deep in Argentina's Patagonia region could be finished by the end of the year.

Four years ago leaders from the two countries worked on a deal to build the 'Deep Space Station'.

The counties have talked about a 'ground station in the Southern Hemisphere' to support the program for 'moon exploration and other space activities'

But there are concerns the base will have a more military focus than one of space exploration.

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Update: Chinese military space station in remote Argentina shrouded in mystery (FOX News).

WNU Editor: China's space program is run by the military .... so this base in Argentina will be manned by the Chinese military. As to why did Argentina agreed to this arrangement .... I would love to know what is in it for them.


B.Poster said...

Did they have a choice? Probably not. Russia and China are the dominant powers in Central and South America. There's nothing anyone can do or say that's going to change this. Furthermore this is going to be the case for the foreseeable future.

Essentially much like the biggest, strongest guys in the bar Russia and China will sit wherever they want and will consume whatever they want and there's not a thing anyone can do to stop them. With that said I'm pretty sure Argentina received compensation of some sort. In the case of the big guys in the bar, it means big tips to the bartendresses. This helps secure their position.

In the case of international politics, it is different but I believe the dynamics are the same. As for what was in it for Argentina, I suspect the Chinese will help them take the Faulkland Islands. Keep in mind Argentina was ultimately going to get these anyway even if it would take longer without China's help but this help will speed up the process.

Surely the Brits know this. As such, expect them to deal. The deal will likely lead to something that Britain has that can undermine Amdrica. Regardless this is bad for America all the way around. I'm sure the Argentines know this to and are gleeful. They are going to get the Fauklands faster than they would have otherwise and they get to see Ametica hurt. Hurting America is great fun and carries almost no risk. As for the Brits, they can take solace in knowing America is being hurt. At least in the short to mid term, that's worth losing influence.

Back to the bar analogy. Most regular patrons understand there is HUGE value in being on good terms with the biggest guys in the bar. This can be very beneficial in some situations. At the very least have them be neutral toward you but it's much better if they are your friend.

Will Argentina come to regret this decision? Probably. Remember they were going to get the Fauklandz anyway either through negotiations or war. As for hurting America, the United States is unlikely to still exist in tbree years anyway. This is the case no matter what Argentina does here. As such, giving up anything to hurt America seems a stupid squandering of valuable resources.

Jay Farquharson said...

"But Argentina’s space agency CONAE has dismissed the criticism saying that
Argentina has signed a similar agreement with the ESA European Space Agency
for a similar base in the Malarg├╝e region of the western province of

“This is part of the policies being instrumented by President Fern├índez to
insert Argentina into great projects of scientific and technological
development,” said Conae Secretary-General Felix Menicocci. In return for
the tax and land concession, Argentina will be allowed to use the antenna
for 10% of its online time."

Basically, it's an Argentine built tracking dish, in a valuable piece of "space watching" real estate, that was part of a China-Argentine Trade deal that included low interest loans, import-export deals and two hydroelectric projects.

Despite American paranoia, it's not some "Moonraker" Bond Villian secret weapon.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Argentinians have lots hope that one day they will get the fokland islands especially in the near future.
They do not like America can you blame them it fills like some how Argentina owns America something for being neutral in ww2. I believe that Argentina try to get fighters jet's from the U.S and the U.K opposed to it, then they try to get a deal for some grepen jet's and the U.K also opposed . and maybe some Russian su 27s didn't when good for the Argentina's air force .so now there is an opportunity for Chinese J17 or J10s if they are lucky enough .

Stephen Davenport said...

Probably some sort, of communications setup for their astronauts. Sort of like we have in Australia and other countries.

B.Poster said...

Jay and Stephen,

I hope you are right about this and this is not cover for something that will undermine America. Given the current state of American/Chinese relations, the fact that there is much China can do to hurt America, and America lacks the ability to inflict similar harm on China, I think it is understandable why the American leadership might be concerned assuming they are concerned. Very respectfully this is not paranoia but would seem experiential common sense.

B.Poster said...


From the context of your post, I think you meant to write "Argentinians have lost hope that one day they will get the Fokland Islands especially in the near future." Very respectfully how could they have lost hope in such. Argentina will get these islands back. It is only a matter of when. In fact, Argentina could get these islands back this week if they wanted to. The cost may be higher than they'd like. As such, we probably won't see this happen this week but it's only a matter of time. Even the Brits likely know this. If the sentence were changed to "Britons have resigned themselves to the fact that they cannot keep the Falklands and it is only a matter of time before Argentina takes them" I think the sentiment is more accurate. Essentially the British will lose the Falklands either in negotiations or Argentina will take them by force in war.

"Argentina owns America." From the context of your post I think you probably meant "owes America." I never said Argentina owes America anything nor did I mean to imply such a thing. Having said that, while not necessarily referring to Argentina as I know of nothing in particular regarding Argentines, many foreigners and their governments do perpetually behave as though America owes them something. Unfortunately the US government due in large part to the cultural Stockholm Syndrone that affects the nation have done very little to quell this.

As for Argentina's position in WW2, I was not aware of this. Very respectfully it does not seem relivant to the current discussion of a Chinese military base in China. As for the weapons sales or lack thereof, Americans do typically view Canadians and Britons as their best friends in that order. Whether or not they should is another debate. As for the UK, such American deference to them I believe is not only not warranted but downright dangerous for America's just interests as the UK is no longer a friend of America if it ever really was.

As such, it comes as no surprise that America would have taken the same position. A better approach for Argentina in such a situation would probably be to try and understand America's position and act with some empathy toward America. Such approaches are much more likely to get positive results than an adversarial position. In any event, Argentina could always find other suppliers. As such, they would hold the upper hand in any such negotiations anyway.

As for not liking America, no one does these days. This is due a to a combination of factors. America has many, many flaws, it is being subjected to world media messaging that is not materially unlike what the Jews experienced in Nazi Germany in the run up to WW2, and it is unable to formulate a coherent message to counter this. I would very much appreciate your prayers for us!!

As for the base, hopefully this is nothing more than a joint scientific cooperation/trade deal between Argentina and China and nothing more. In any event, there was nothing Argentina was going to be able to do to stop China from doing this if they wanted to nor even if it nefarious is there anything America can do to stop it either. Close monitoring would seem prudent however. Also, it needs to be understood should war ensue America cannot win. The best we can do is to make the inevitable victory by China and it's allies pyric enough that they don't consider launching the attack in the first place!! This along with better trade and security deals should help greatly. Again, I would very much appreciate your prayers for us.