Wednesday, March 30, 2016

World News Briefs -- March 30, 2016 (Evening Edition)

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad stands next to his wife Asma, as he addresses injured soldiers and their mothers during a celebration marking Syrian Mother's Day in Damascus, March 21, 2016. REUTERS/SANA/Handout via Reuters

Reuters: Assad says he can form new Syria government with opposition

President Bashar al-Assad said it would not be difficult to agree on a new Syrian government including opposition figures, but his opponents responded on Wednesday that no administration would be legitimate while he remained in office.

Assad, bolstered by military victory in the desert city of Palmyra, was quoted by Russia's RIA news agency as saying a new draft constitution could be ready in weeks and a government that included opposition, independents and loyalists could be agreed.

While the distribution of portfolios and other technical issues would need to be discussed at Geneva peace talks, which resume next month, "these are not difficult questions", Assad said.

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Assad insists on unity government despite opposition demands.

U.S. says new Syrian government including Assad a 'non-starter'.

Top US General: 'No doubt' Russia stabilized Syrian regime.

Russia, U.S. discussing coordination to liberate Syria's Raqqa: Interfax.

Exclusive: Russia, despite draw down, shipping more to Syria than removing.

Obama could decide on greater troop presence in Iraq soon. General.

Assad says Damascus to base Geneva talks on U.N. document: RIA.

Assad says conflict has cost Syria more than $200 billion.

Turkish police detain 16 suspected Nusra Front members: news agency.

Yemeni army advances against al Qaeda in southern city.

Khamenei says missiles, not just talks, key to Iran's future. Iran's Khamenei: Missiles are part of the future.

Thousands of Palestinians, Arab Israelis mark 'Land Day'.

U.S. condemns U.N. call for list of firms operating in West Bank.


Obama, Xi seen discussing North Korea, cybersecurity on sidelines of nuclear summit.

U.S. says it will not recognize South China Sea exclusion zone.

Fifteen Afghan troops killed in fighting with Taliban.

North Korea: We are ready for ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ on U.S..

North Korea: U.S. military drills take region to 'brink of war'.

US allies seek to manage China on North Korean sanctions.

Myanmar gets first civilian government in decades.

Thai junta gives troops wide-ranging powers 'because not enough police'.

Bangladesh issues arrest warrant for opposition leader.

Mumtaz Qadri case: Pakistan police warn supporters to leave.


Two Turks among six killed in gun attack in Somalia's capital.

Boko Haram kill six soldiers in southeast Niger: ministry.

Nigeria Defense Minister: Military made gains against Boko Haram.

Libya's U.N.-backed Presidential Council reaches Tripoli by ship. UN-backed Libya govt told to leave after Tripoli arrival.

Libya could ‘open the floodgates’ for thousands of migrants into Europe.

Head of Libya's UN-backed unity govt arrives in Tripoli.

South Sudan starvation levels alarming, U.N. warns.

Burundi warns against execution investigations at ICC.

'Somalia-bound' ship of weapons seized by French navy.

EgyptAir hijacker wanted to 'see wife and children'.


U.S. to deploy armored brigade combat teams to Europe.

Brussels attackers 'searched on net for Belgian PM's home'.

Migrant arrivals to Greece rise sharply despite EU-Turkey deal. Turkey, Greece scramble to start EU deal as migrant arrivals rise.

Germany tells refugees: Integrate or lose your right to live here permanently.

France's Hollande drops plans to change constitution. French leader abandons plan to strengthen state of emergency.

US accuses Russia of dismantling security agreements.

Russia running 'shadow government' for east Ukraine: report.

Ukrainian parties fail to form new governing coalition.

Ukraine bans all Russian movies released since 2014.


Colombia, ELN rebels to begin peace talks in Ecuador.

Rousseff calls impeachment effort 'coup', vows to keep social programs. Brazil president warns of 'putsch' ahead of impeachment vote.

Brazil's PMDB party abandons Rousseff, quits coalition. Rousseff blow as Brazil's biggest party quits coalition.

Venezuela congress passes bill to free jailed activists. Venezuela's National Assembly passes amnesty bill. Venezuela parliament approves amnesty law, Maduro vows to veto.

Colombia and leftist ELN rebels to begin formal peace talks: source.

Polls show Trump with big lead, Clinton edge narrowing.

Trump drops pledge to back Republican presidential nominee other than himself.

Poll: Half of American voters back Trump's Muslim ban.

Former Canadian Cabinet minister killed in plane crash.

Mexico says experts investigating 43 students will cease work in April.

Thousands attend funeral for controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford.


Air strikes target al Qaeda in Yemen, troops control Aden district.

US intensifies air campaign against al Qaeda in Yemen.

ISIS claims bomb attack on Russia police in Dagestan. Russia police say blast kills officer, Islamic State claims responsibility.

Poll: Few think ISIS will be destroyed within year.

Al Qaeda-linked publication weighs in on the U.S. presidential race.


Weak global economy is said to threaten government finances.

Cautious Yellen drives world stocks near 2016 peaks.

China proposes new Web rules that could enhance censorship.

Foxconn finalises Sharp takeover.

Apple remains in dark how FBI hacked iPhone without its help.


James said...

Asma's demeanor speaks volumes.

Bob Huntley said...

She's not too happy. Perhaps she has been told to pack her bags.

RRH said...

Assad does not need to go anywhere. The only reason the opposition runs it mouth as it does is because it figures the Americans, Saudis and Turks have its back. It's just going to take more beatings for them to understand that they are running but two things in Syria: Jack and $#-' and Jack left town.

Blast them to smithereens SAA.

Bob Huntley said...

I'm for Syria with Assad. Her face just screams something.

James said...

"Perhaps she has been told to pack her bags."
Perhaps, but I doubt it. At the least that's the look of someone who's seen their own death. Whoever the real Asma is, she is not there at the moment.

Jay Farquharson said...

Her "role" in Syria is modernization, development, political and economic reforms, rural development and charities, all while subject to International Sanctions.