Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Interview With A Former Islamic State Fighter

Harry Sarfo appeared in an Isis propaganda video issued in 2015, where two prisoners were executed by other militants

The Independent: Former Isis militant who grew up in the UK says coalition bombing campaign will drive more jihadists to launch attacks

In an interview with The Independent, the former jihadist revealed he once worked for Royal Mail as a postman

The US-led bombing campaign against Isis will drive more jihadists to launch terror attacks in the West, a former militant who grew up in the UK has said.

Harry Sarfo joined the so-called Islamic State in Syria and appeared in one of its notorious propaganda execution videos before becoming disillusioned with the scale of brutality he saw and fleeing the group.

In an exchange with The Independent from the German prison where he awaiting trial on terror charges, Sarfo claimed that the use of air strikes by the US-led coalition is inspiring more followers to commit atrocities in places including mainland Europe.

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WNU Editor: The impression that I have of him after reading this post is that he is a lost soul .... and a dangerous one at that.

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