Friday, April 29, 2016

Iraq's War Against The Islamic State Facing Numerous Problems

U.S. News And World Report: Coalition In-Fighting Threatens the War Against ISIS in Iraq

Recent skirmishes hint at a problem in the war-torn country that far exceeds the extremist threat.

It was just another skirmish in an historically violent part of Iraq that, aside from the few dozen fighters who died, would not normally raise concerns far beyond the township's borders.

But the recent confrontation in the northern Iraqi city of Tuz Khurmatu signals a significantly larger problem facing a central government in Baghdad already on shaky footing as it tries to hold together a political and military coalition it desperately needs to defeat the Islamic State group threat.

Hostilities broke out over the weekend between two groups considered critical components of the ground war. Troops from the predominantly Shiite Muslim militias – known as the popular mobilization units or PMUs – reportedly attacked the home of an officer with the Kurdish fighting force known as the peshmerga, according to media reports. The militiamen claimed they were retaliating against an unprovoked peshmerga attack.

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WNU Editor: The above Euronews video is a must see. In short .... the war against the Islamic State is not going to be easy.

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