Friday, April 29, 2016

Libya's U.N.-Backed Unity Government Tells Militias To Hold-Off On Attacking The Islamic State

Reuters: Libyan government urges factions to hold off attacking Islamic State in Sirte

Libya's U.N.-backed unity government called on Thursday on military factions to hold off from any campaign against the Islamic State-controlled city of Sirte until a unified military command structure is created.

The statement came amid signs that factions from both eastern and western Libya could be gearing up for an advance on Sirte, although such operations have repeatedly been announced in recent months without taking place.

Islamic State has held Sirte since 2015, taking advantage of a conflict between loose alliances of armed brigades allied to Libya's rival governments to seize a 250-km (155-mile) strip of coastline around the central Mediterranean city, which lies between the eastern and western power bases.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. appears to be getting ready for its own military action .... US moves surveillance drones into skies over Libya to gather intelligence, consider military options against Islamic State militants (AP).

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