Friday, April 29, 2016

Russian Fighter Jet 'Barrel Rolls' Over Another U.S. Air Force Reconnaissance Plane

CNN: First on CNN: Russians 'barrel roll' over another U.S. Air Force plane

Washington (CNN)A Russian SU-27 conducted a "barrel roll" Friday over the top of a U.S. Air Force RC-135 which was flying a reconnaissance mission in international airspace above the Baltic Sea, two U.S. defense officials told CNN.

The SU-27 approached alongside within 100 feet of the U.S. aircraft and then flew inverted over the top of the plane to the other side. The U.S. considers this a very unsafe aerial maneuver and is expected to voice its concerns to the Russians, one of the officials said.

This is the second barrel roll maneuver over a U.S. aircraft by the Russians this month. On April 14, a Russian jet "performed erratic and aggressive maneuvers" as it flew within 50 feet of a U.S. aircraft's wing tip, Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for U.S. European Command, said in a response to a question from CNN.

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Update #3: Russian jet fighter did barrel roll over U.S. reconnaissance plane: CNN (Reuters)

WNU Editor: This follows an earlier incident this week .... Russian Jet Intercepts U.S. Spy Plane In Asia. What's my take .... the Kremlin has green-lighted its military to approach any Western aircraft near it's borders (even if it is international space), and to make life miserable for them. If this continues .... it is only a question of time before a serious incident occurs.


phill said...

Please let there be a video.

Anonymous said...

Found it right here:

Anonymous said...

If one pilot is video-recording another pilot who is doing maneuvers nearby, which is being unsafe?

James said...

Somebody is having a lot of authorized fun.