Tuesday, May 31, 2016

First U.S. Soldier Injured In Syria. Another U.S. Soldier Injured In Iraq.

U.S. Soldiers with 4th Iraqi Army Division Stabilized Transition Team's security element teach the Iraqi Intelligence Surveillance Recon branch proper procedures when clearing a room in the ISR compound in Tikrit, Iraq, June 10, 2010. DOD

FOX News: Pentagon reports 1st American wounded in Syria campaign

The Pentagon announced Tuesday that for the first time since the U.S. sent special operations forces into Syria last year, an Islamic State attack wounded an American service member there.

The attack unfolded north of Raqqa, ISIS’ de-facto capital in Syria, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said. He added that a separate explosion near Irbil in northern Iraq also wounded one U.S. service member. Both were special operations fighters.

In both cases, Davis said the service members were hit by “indirect fire.” There also were reports that one of the attacks was an ISIS car bomb.

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