Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Remaining Pentagon-Trained Syrian Rebels On The Verge Of Defeat

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Washington Post: The last remaining Pentagon-trained rebel group in Syria is now in jeopardy

REYHANLI, Turkey — Throughout the fiasco of the Pentagon’s $500 million effort to train and equip a force of Syrian rebels to take on the Islamic State, one small group endured.

The New Syrian Army completed the U.S. training course in Jordan, infiltrated into Syria and then, in March, without fanfare or publicity, seized a pinprick of territory from the militants at the remote Tanaf border crossing with Iraq in the far southeast corner of the Syrian province of Homs.

There they have remained, holding their ground without deserting, defecting or getting kidnapped, unlike many of the other similarly trained rebels whose mishaps prompted the temporary suspension of the program last year.

Even this modest success is now in jeopardy, however, following an Islamic State suicide attack this month. An armored vehicle barreled into the rebels’ base shortly before dawn on May 7, killing a number of them, said Lt. Col. Mohammed Tallaa, a Syrian officer who defected and is the group’s commander.

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Update: US-Backed Rebels Struggle to Fend Off Islamic State Offensive in Northern Syria (VICE News).

WNU Editor: There is going to be no U.S. cavalry on the horizon for these rebels in this battle.

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Anonymous said...

The Azaz pocket to the north is also in some serious trouble right now, thy are being faced with the decision to either hand their arms to the Kurds or get steam rolled by ISIS.