Monday, May 30, 2016

Russia Is Developing Its Own Railgun

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Sputnik News: Russia Developing Own Railgun on Par With US 'Battlefield Meteorite'

The US newest weapon, the railgun, is of no surprise to Moscow and Russia is also developing one of its own, the first deputy of the Russian upper house’s Defense and Security Committee said Monday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Earlier, the Wall Street Journal published the first pictures of the railgun, in development for a decade. Transforming a 25-pound projectile into nothing short of a battlefield meteorite obliterating anything on its path, the weapon does not use gunpowder or any explosives. It is instead powered by electromagnetic rails.

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WNU Editor: Accoring to one Russian expert there is one big weakness with the American Rail-gun .... it is too expensive .... Too Much Power: Pentagon's Supergun Has a Super Weak Spot (Sputnik).

Update: LOL .... so true .... This Is Why Mainstream Journalists Shouldn’t Write About Guns… (Bearing Arms).

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