Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Should Iraq Be Carved Up?

Luay al-Khatteeb. National Interest: The Folly of Lobbying to Carve Up Iraq

The smooth Kurdish PR campaign.

“It was the Kurds,” wrote Thomas Friedman in 2014, “who used the window of freedom we opened for them to overcome internal divisions, start to reform their once Sopranos-like politics and create a vibrant economy that is now throwing up skyscrapers and colleges.”

This has become the popular story of Masoud Barzani’s Kurdistan Regional Government that has circulated increasingly in Washington and London. According to this narrative, Iraq’s Kurds have been long oppressed, but instead of collapsing into internal conflict as many liberated societies in the region do, they have pressed ahead with democracy.

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WNU Editor: The Yugoslav model for Iraq has being bandied about for the past few years .... will it happen for Iraq .... or for Syria .... I doubt it. But the discussion is continuing.

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