Thursday, June 30, 2016

Russia's Defense Ministry Has Purged Its Baltic Fleet Command

Former Commander of the Baltic Fleet Viktor Kravchuk. © Yelena Nagornykh/ITAR-TASS

RT: Russia’s Baltic Fleet command suspended over combat training failures, distorted reporting – MOD

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has suspended the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet commander over shortcomings in organizing sailors’ combat training as well as filing distorted reports to superior command, according to the ministry.

“The commander of the Baltic Fleet, his chief of staff and a number of officers have been suspended by the defense minister [Sergey Shoigu] after an inspection,” read a Defense Ministry statement released on Wednesday. “They are expected to be deposed from their positions and dismissed from the armed forces.”

Shoigu criticized military commanders whose poor performance led to “serious shortcomings in their duties,” the ministry’s press service added.

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WNU Editor: 50 high-ranking officers!!!! This is a big purge.

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James said...

Now that's a face!

Anonymous said...

It's safe to say this guy could get a roll in in future Bond flick.

War News Updates Editor said...

James .... it is a Russian curse.

Case in point .... I have mentioned this before .... but I woke up one morning feeling good and happy. Went into my downstairs's office to read up on the news, blog a few posts, and check by business correspondence and stock/bank holdings. Nothing but good news ... everything was great. The GF sends me a wonderful email on what we were going to do this weekend .... an email that a guy ... if he is lucky .... will get maybe once in his life (or two). More news comes in ... all good news. I am happy as I can be .... even doing my Happy Snoopy dance.

I go upstairs to the kitchen to make coffee, and my mom walks in .... she looks at me and then asks ... why am I angry!!!!

Sighhh ... just can't win.

A heads up to those who enjoy poker .... never ... and I repeat never .... play poker against a guy who looks like that. Take it from me .... I learned through bitter experience.

Unknown said...

What did they fail?

Sea Trials, Op E, Flight Quals, Damage Control?


War News Updates Editor said...

Good question Aizino. My guess is that they falsified operational reports and padded expense accounts. I expect more details to be released in the next day or two.

RRH said...

The crack down continues. My impression is someone is getting ready in case war breaks out and is making an impression in anticipation of elections.

Anonymous said...

Stalinic proportions purge.