Sunday, July 31, 2016

NATO Spending In Two Charts

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Defense One: NATO Spending, in Two Charts: 2016 Edition

Who’s hitting the 2% guideline?

In 2014, NATO adopted a guideline for members’ defense spending: 2 percent of gross domestic product. On Friday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump drew new attention to this guideline when he said he would look at countries’ contributions to the alliance before defending them from an attack.

Here’s who’s currently meeting that guideline:

The U.S. and Britain, which exceeded the 2 percent target in 2015, are projected to do so again in 2016. Two of the remaining three countries slated to meet the goal this year — Estonia and Poland — border the Baltic Sea and have a front-row seat to Russian fly-bys and other intimidation tactics. Two other Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania, are increasing their year-over-year defense spending both in real dollars and as a percent of GDP.

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WNU Editor: This only makes Donald Trump's case that many in NATO are not keeping their promises and commitments.


Bob Huntley said...

There is a difference between the cost of defending and the cost of intimidating.

Unknown said...

The Stockholm War Research Institute has the U.S. defense budget pegged at 3.9% if GDP. The World Bank at 3.3%.

They also have the Russian defense budget is 5.4% of GDP.


China's defense budget is pegged at 1.9%, yet it is doing a lot of intimidating in the South China Sea.


What is purchasing power parity. BOB!?!

Why are American workers afraid that Chinese or Mexican workers have an hourly rate 1/7th or 1/3rd of American workers?

If the worker daily wage is so much less might the cost of a soldier's pay be likewise very much less> Thus another country's defense budget would be less.

Manpower is the 2nd most expensive item in the budget. General officers have been worrying about it since at least the late 80s. if the U.S has one of the highest labor rates, it will have one of the highest defense budgets.

Bob, what pub are you writing from?

Unknown said...

I tell you what BOB.

Let's reduce the pay of American soldiers to that of Chinese Soldiers. Let us also reduce the pay of American workers any company that provides military equipment to the DoD. to that of Chinese workers.

I promise you we will close the gap between the U.S. with China and Russia very fast.

Bob Huntley said...

Aizino GDP is the parity equalizer and some countries dedicate more to social programs that war. You might consider that the US is actually using other countries' contributions to NATO to help them fund the intimidation program they want to put pressure on Russia.

What Trump is suggesting is fair but he seems to want countries like Canada to spend less on healthcare and more on war mongering? Let the US spend less on war mongering and use it for their people' healthcare and you and all Americans will see a better world.

RRH said...

How about Canada leaving NATO, NORAD etc, developing and independent foreign policy and seeing to our own defence like a real grown up country? It sure beats $150 million fighter planes just to keep up with the Joneses.