Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2016

South Korean army's K-2 tanks take part in a live-firing drill at a fire training field in Yangpyeong, South Korea. Reuters

IBTimes: War With North Korea? South Korean Military Orders Full Combat Readiness

South Korea is reportedly readying itself for the possibility of war with their neighbors to the north.

President Park Geun-hye ordered her military into full combat readiness, according to reports Monday. The order was given to ensure that any North Korean provocation would lead to the “self-destruction” of the regime there, according to the Yonhap News Agency.

“I call on you to maintain a robust posture to retaliate… to make sure that any attempt by the north at engaging in any form of provocations will lead to the self-destruction of the North Korean regime,” she said at a meeting with her senior secretaries.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2016

Analysts: North Korea to Build New Ballistic Missile Submarine -- VOA

North Korea makes progress on missiles, but no evidence of nuclear weapons yet -- Reuters

N. Korea expected to test nuclear warhead soon -- Korea Times

These images show the US-South Korean exercise North Korea threatened with a nuclear strike -- IBTimes

South Korea Seeks Indigenous Missile Defense System To Deal With North, Raises 2017 Defense Budget -- IBTimes

Japan defence ministry seeks record budget to counter Chinese threat -- The Guardian

Japan plans record defense spending in response to North Korea, Chinese incursions -- UPI

Here's Why Japan's Military Is Seeking Another Record Hike in Spending -- Reuters

Japan wants British weaponry for South China Sea standoff -- RT

Russia, Mongolia troops hold first joint drill at Selenga 2016 exercise -- TASS

Russia to Send Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyers to South China Sea -- The Diplomat

Serbian Army Trains More With NATO Than Russia -- Balkan Insight

Russian army to inform NATO about military drills -- UPI

Canadian Armed Forces punish 30 for sexual misconduct in military ranks -- Toronto Star

British Officials Consider Reprieve for Sentinel Fleet -- Defense News

ISIS Destruction of Iraqi Base Could Hinder Mosul Operation -- AP

US commander slams Iran for provocative moves in Gulf -- AP

DoD Approves Israeli Radar for US Iron Curtain Testing -- Defense News

Pentagon Eyes Missile-Defense Sensors In Space -- Defense One

US Air Force Closes in on Assessment of Lockheed's FA-50 -- Defense News

General: Marines will deploy the F-35B to the Middle East next year -- The Hill

Pentagon Weapons Tester Shoots Down Lockheed's F-35 -- FOX News

US Marines Hope Pentagon Spends Big on New Armed Tiltrotor Drones -- Sputnik

Navy Still Isn’t Ready to Pass Audit: GAO -- DoD Buzz

Could the Pentagon’s $12.9 Billion Warship Be Obsolete Before its Maiden Voyage? -- Sputnik

Intelligence panel Republicans slam Obama over Gitmo transfer -- The Hill

Pentagon officials allowed government spending at strip clubs and casinos -- The Guardian

CIA director misled FBI about how agency spied on Pentagon Papers leaker -- USA Today

The U.S. Military Shot Down a Drone With a Laser—in 1973 -- Popular Mechanics

Pentagon Scientists Worry the US Is Losing the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race -- Patrick Tucker, Defense One

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