Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Britain Is Now The World's Second Biggest Arms Dealer

Saudi Arabia - which is leading a coalition conducting a bombing campaign in Yemen - has been sold fighter jets and missiles by Britain Khaled Abdullah/Reuters

The Independent: Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world

Exclusive: Two-thirds of UK weapons have been sold to Middle Eastern countries since 2010

Britain is now the second biggest arms dealer in the world, official government figures show – with most of the weapons fuelling deadly conflicts in the Middle East.

Since 2010 Britain has also sold arms to 39 of the 51 countries ranked “not free” on the Freedom House "Freedom in the world" report, and 22 of the 30 countries on the UK Government’s own human rights watch list.

A full two-thirds of UK weapons over this period were sold to Middle Eastern countries, where instability has fed into increased risk of terror threats to Britain and across the West.

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WNU editor: Wow .... that is a surprise.

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RussInSoCal said...

So much for the ills of Brexit.