Tuesday, November 29, 2016

German Spy Chief Warns That Russia Could Disrupt Next Year's Elections

The President of the German Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) Bruno Kahl gives a speech at the 60th anniversary of the founding of the BND in Berlin, Germany, November 28, 2016. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

BBC: German spy chief Kahl warns Russia 'could disrupt elections'

Germany's foreign intelligence chief has warned that Russia could seek to disrupt next year's German elections with cyber attacks.

Bruno Kahl said his agency was aware of cyber attacks with no other purpose than "causing political uncertainty".

"Europe is in the focus of this attempted disruption, and Germany in particular," he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily.

Russia or Russia-linked groups have been regularly accused of such attacks.

Although campaigning for federal elections next autumn has not yet begun, Angela Merkel announced last week that she would be seeking a fourth term as chancellor.

Earlier this year, Germany's domestic intelligence agency accused Russia of being behind a series of cyber attacks on German state computer systems, including targeting the lower house of parliament last year.

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kidd said...

Only slaves vote you morons

kidd said...

Only slaves vote you morons

Young Communist said...

When russophoby meet paranoia on democratic election twist.

Last week EU voted to control and limit the information outside the EU that Bruxelles think negative for the unity. Pairing Russia and ISIS.

But peoples for the most seem do not care about these things.

Something is broken.

In these days I'm in the referendum campaign on the Constitution of the Italian Republic, sustain the "NO" against the reform of 47 articles of constitution.
When I face someone that is for the "YES" and ask "Why?" the answer is "For the change". "And if the change is for the worst?" Half of them reply "That's fine too!".

Something is real broken.

And like WNU Editor say often "This is not to going to end well."

James said...

"When I face someone that is for the "YES" and ask "Why?" the answer is "For the change". "And if the change is for the worst?" Half of them reply "That's fine too!"."
Have you read "Chesterton's fence"? It is a short essay you along these lines.

James said...

It should read "It is a short essay along these lines that you may like."

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