Saturday, December 31, 2016

A U.S. Army Colonel Explains Why He Has Doubts That The U.S. Military Is The Best In the World

U.S. military vehicles parading near Russia's border in Narva, Estonia on Feb. 24. (Estonian Defense Forces)

Thomas E. Ricks, Foreign Policy: Hey, shut up about being the best military in the world, because we might not be

So writes Army Lt. Col. Terrence Buckeye in the new issue of ARMOR magazine.

After two years of teaching at the Australian Army’s School of Armour, he reports, “My primary takeaway from this assignment is that Australian mounted tactics training at the company level and below is much better than our U.S. tactics.” They’re notably better at live fire training, he adds.

If you don’t believe me, he adds, just go and look. “For those who doubt how poor our tactics training is now, a visit to an Australian ROBC [Regimental Officer Basic Course] or Crew Commander’s Course (six-week tactics course for corporal and sergeant vehicle commanders) will likely change your view.”

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WNU Editor: The article that caught Thomas E. Ricks' attention is here .... Think We’re the Best? A Look Down Under Might Change Your Mind (Army Lt. Col. Terrence Buckeye,


TWN said...

The US Military is big and they have all the toys, but the Troops of Canada, Australia and Britain far out class the US troops, far better trained, I was always impressed with US kit and the amount of it.

James said...

Somebody agrees with B.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Army out-classes the US in sexual harrassment and rape prevention training?

Jay Farquharson said...

Almost all, even China and Russia.