Friday, December 30, 2016

Russia Starts To Open Up On Its Bolshevik Past And How Their Brutal Rule Resulted In Famine And The Death Of Millions

The suffering of the Russian people did not end with Wold War I, the Bolshecik Revolution, and the Civil War. The destruction and devastation resulted in a terrible famine, made worse by the Bolshevik willingness to use food as a weapon. The most vulnerable were the children. This photograph was taken somewhere in the Volga region (1921-22).

Daily Mail: The communist cannibals: Shocking images reveal the depravation suffered by peasants forced to eat HUMANS during the 1920s Russian famine

* The Russian famine of 1921–22, also known as Povolzhye famine, occurred in Bolshevik Russia
* It began in early spring of 1921 and lasted through 1922
* Civil war and Lenin's policy of seizing food from peasants caused the devastating man-made famine
* Around 30 million people were affected and around five million died
* WARNING: Distressing images

Standing solemnly in their thick winter coats behind a table laden with children's body parts, this is the grave photo of a couple that shows how starving people turned to cannibalism to survive during a man-made famine in 1920s Russia.

More than five million people died during the catastrophe, which began in 1921 and lasted through 1922.

Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, had been in charge of the country since 1917. In a chilling disregard for the suffering of his fellow countrymen he instructed food to be seized from the poor.

Lenin's Bolsheviks party believed peasants were actively trying to undermine the war effort and by taking their food away it reduced their strength.

The famine was able to take root with ease due to the economic problems caused by World War I, five years of civil war, and a drought in 1921 which led to 30 million Russians becoming malnourished.

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WNU Editor: I was surprised to read this in a Western news site .... and the Daily Mail of all websites. But they are onto something. Everyone in Russia has a story on how their parents and grandparents suffered during this time .... especially after the Bolsheviks had solidified their power .... so for most Russians this is really not news. And while most Russians do not talk about their family history publicly .... these is now a push in Russia to educate the public .... starting within the school system .... on how brutal the Soviet state was towards its citizens after they came to power in 1917. Fortunately .... it will not be hard to make this case. Just like the Nazis who documented their atrocities .... so did the Soviets .... documenting and photographing the ravages of the famines that they caused. My friends in the Russian government tell me that the government continues to maintain the archives of this period. But because of its content .... especially the tens of thousands of pictures and hundreds of news reels that document this catastrophe .... they are still reluctant to release it to the public (they just do the bits here and there). I give it another 10 years before this history is finally open for all to see .... if not sooner. And when that happens .... that is when I predict the debate will start to get very interesting ... within Russia .... and definitely outside of Russia.


James said...

Only you guys can work this one out. There really isn't a place in this for the world to be involved.

War News Updates Editor said...

I totally agree James. But you will be surprised on how many in the West .... fellow travellers and all .... who feel very threatened by this.

Jay Farquharson said...

There is a place for part of the world to be involved.

19 nations provided support for the white and other Colour Armies, engaged in expeditions against the Reds, and enacted both sanctions and blockades against the Soviets.

Some of the many dead, and some of the massive suffering, lies at our door too.