Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Iran Carries Out Missile Test

New York Times: Iran Launches a Missile, Testing Trump’s Vows of Strict Enforcement

WASHINGTON — Iran conducted its first missile test since President Trump took office, American and Israeli officials said Monday, posing an early test of whether the Trump administration will make good on its promises to strictly enforce all aspects of the Iranian nuclear deal and a side agreement on missile testing.

The Iranian missile traveled about 600 miles, but its re-entry vehicle reportedly exploded before the flight was complete. It is unclear whether that was accidental or a deliberate detonation.

Israel’s United Nations ambassador, Danny Danon, accused Iran of violating a Security Council resolution passed in 2015, shortly after the nuclear accord was reached in Vienna.

While the agreement itself dealt only with Iran’s nuclear program, then-Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated for days with the Iranians about a revised Security Council resolution on missiles. That last concession by the United States, China, Russia, Germany and France sealed the entire diplomatic package.

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WNU Editor: While first refusing to confirm that there was a missile test .... Iran refuses to confirm conducting missile test (AP), Iran is now saying that it did nto violate the nuclear agreement .... Iran: Missile tests not in violation of nuclear deal (Al Jazeera).

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Unknown said...

A missile developed under the nose of the liberal boy king Obama.

We should be happy. At least the liberal Obama got bang for his buck.

Jay Farquharson said...

Wow, all the Chuck Norris speechifying about Iran during the election by Agent Orange, that was giving you a woodie,

Actual Missile test by Iran, and Hair Furour is running silent.


Unknown said...

The Demoncrat party is making Trump getting his cabinet together as slow and painful as possible.

It is in their playbook.

Jay Farquharson said...

Is that sand in the foreground of the missile launch or snow?