Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trident Missile Nose Cap Washes Up On The Beach In The Bahamas.

Trident II (D5) ballistic missile fired by HMS Vigilant during a test launch in the Atlantic Ocean, the week of 22 October 2012

BBC: Trident missile nose cap lands in Bahamas

In late October 2016, the residents of the tiny Bahamas island of Man-O-War Cay found a mysterious object had washed up on their beach.

Taller than a person, conical in shape with a large spike at the end, it looked unmistakably like some sort of missile.

"People were curious of course, the kids were excited to see something so large on the beach," local resident Mailin Sands told the BBC.

It had washed up right in front of the holiday home of Prof Janine Maddock, who was back in the US at the time and spied it from a CCTV camera at the top of her house.

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WNU Editor: Something that you do not find everyday on the beach.


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Better the top than the rest

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