Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two Video Documentaries Reporting On The War Against The Taliban

Al Jazeera: This is Taliban Country

In 2014 we reported from a Taliban stronghold, where armed fighters were patrolling the streets. What has changed since?

In 2014, Fault Lines reported from the Taliban stronghold of Charkh District, just an hour outside Kabul. Charkh had become a microcosm of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Armed Taliban were openly patrolling the streets and had built a parallel administration in Charkh, including Sharia courts and special girls' schools.

Filmmaker Nagieb Khaja took us to a Taliban-controlled town for a rare glimpse of life under Taliban rule in the midst of a civil war.

REWIND spoke to Nagieb about what, if anything, has changed in the past three years and since the planned US drawdown was scrapped.

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Al Jazeera: Afghanistan: Taliban At The Gates

We join Afghan forces on the frontlines in Helmand, as they try to keep the Taliban from seizing a crucial capital.

Fifteen years after suffering defeat at the hands of the United States, the Taliban are retaking territory in Afghanistan at an alarming pace.

Wide swaths of the country are now under their control. But the prize for the armed group is the city of Lashkar Gah, seen as the gateway to the rest of the country. Standing in their way, is a ragtag group of Afghan soldiers and police, ill-trained, and ill-equipped.

But a newly installed governor is rallying the forces. Can the city hold the Taliban at bay?

101 East goes to the frontlines to meet the last defenders of Afghanistan.

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