Friday, March 31, 2017

Rising Concerns Over High Civilians Casualties In The War Against The Islamic State

L.A. Times: U.S. military officer in charge of approving airstrikes defends procedures used to prevent civilian deaths

As the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State faces increasing criticism for killing civilians in airstrikes on the dense neighborhoods of west Mosul, a senior U.S. military officer in Iraq defended the procedures used to prevent such deaths.

“We are very careful about how much collateral damage we are going to cause,” Brig. Gen. Rick Uribe, who is responsible for approving strikes in many parts of Iraq, said Thursday.

“We’re here to defeat them,” he said of the Islamic State militants, “and we’re going to do it the moral way.”

To illustrate the procedures — and the difficulties Iraqi forces and their international backers face in targeting militants without hurting civilians — Uribe played two black-and-white surveillance videos for The Times during a visit to the coalition’s joint operations center and “strike cell” in Baghdad’s Green Zone. Both were taken within the last month in west Mosul and show militants using people as shields.

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RussInSoCal said...

The only ones not complaining about these civilian deaths are the Iraqis themselves. They might have a better understanding than Media, politicians and NGO's of what it will take to destroy and defeat ISIS.

B.Poster said...


Unfortunately you seem to be spot on. I have noticed that no one obsesses about civilian casualties caused by Russian forces. Also, no one obsessed about US civilian casualties on 9/11 or other US civilians killed as a result of Islamic terrorist attacks.

Unknown said...

RussinSoCal is correct.

There are no ROE, timetable or cost that will satisfy the liberals.

Thus the problem has no solution and is intractable.

The liberals will over constrain every problem so that no one can solve it. then they will demand to be put in charge to take care of business.

It is the libtard MO.

Andrew Jackson said...

Civilian casualties have been remarkably low IMHO.

TWN said...

Get use to it, civilian causalities are going to grow as these conflicts grow, no end insight, in fact I'm pretty sure it's going to get a whole lot bigger, the so called leaders are full on the path to big Bang Bang and soon.

Unknown said...

U.S. & Western politicians are not playing chess.

They are counting votes and paychecks.

Instead of taking out the garbage like Kim Jong Un or other riff raff, politicians like Rapist Clinton and Hussein sing 'peace dividend' and whistle past the graveyard.

Outside of the laziness or cowardliness of western politicians there is the natural reset (reload) in between bouts of fighting / paroxysms.