Friday, March 31, 2017

US Defense Secretary Mattis Says North Korea's Reckless Has 'Got To Be Stopped'

DW: US Defense Secretary Mattis: North Korea has 'got to be stopped'

In London, the US defense secretary also underlined the threat posed by Iran and expressed concern about Russia's ties to the Taliban. Mattis hedged over whether the Kremlin is actually arming the Taliban.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis slammed North Korea's actions as ‘reckless,' referring tothe totalitarian regime's nuclear weapons and missile programs.

His comments came during a Friday news conference with his British counterpart Michael Fallon in London. Asked by a journalist about the threat posed by Iran, the US defense secretary pivoted to North Korea, saying the hard-line regime has "got to be stopped."

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Update #1: Mattis: North Korea’s ‘reckless’ behavior must be stopped -- The Hill
Update #2: Defense Sec. James Mattis: North Korea ‘Has Got to Be Stopped’ -- NBC

WNU Editor: His remarks follow this announcement .... U.S. sanctions North Koreans it links to weapons, financial networks (Reuters)


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