Friday, March 31, 2017

World News Briefs -- March 31, 2017 (Evening Edition)

The Guardian: Mike Flynn indicates he would testify in Trump-Russia inquiry in exchange for immunity

Ousted for misleading White House about discussions with Russian ambassador, ex-national security adviser may have offered to testify before FBI and Congress

Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has all but confirmed that he offered to testify before the FBI and congressional committees about potential links between the Trump campaign and Russia in exchange for immunity.

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White House says U.S. must accept 'political reality' in Syria.

Lebanon near 'breaking point' over Syrian refugee crisis: PM Hariri.

Belgium probes devastating Mosul airstrikes that killed 200 civilians after admitting its F16 fighter jets were involved.

Civilian casualties in Iraq, Syria undercut US victories.

Syria: Kurdish YPG fighters dominate Turkey-US talks.

Turkey will maintain military presence in Syria: army.

Syria's warring sides trade insults after Geneva talks.

UN reports Palestinian population decline in Syria.

U.N. special envoy warns against military operation on Yemen port.

Egg thrown at Saudi general in protest against military campaign in Yemen.

UN agency suspends Gaza missions after Hamas restrictions.

Israel blasted for approving Emek Shilo settlement.


Exclusive: Rohingya rebel leader challenges Myanmar's Suu Kyi, vows to fight on.

U.S. sanctions North Koreans it links to weapons, financial networks.

Malaysia, North Korea exchange 'hostages,' resolving weeks of tensions. Kim Jong-nam: Body 'arrives in Pyongyang' in exchange deal.

Park Geun-hye: South Korea's former president arrested over corruption allegations.

North Korea attempts to influence South's presidential elections.

China downplays tensions with U.S. as Xi prepares to meet Trump.

Blast rocks city in northwest Pakistan. Pakistani Taliban faction kills 22 in Shiite mosque bombing.

Russia resurrects interest in Afghanistan.

Foreigners in Japan face major discrimination, language not the problem – poll.

Japan's whaling fleet returns after killing 333 minke whales in Southern Ocean.

China's militarization in South China Sea harms reefs, U.S. scientist says.

China to create 'giant' giant panda reserve to boost wild population.


South Africa: ANC in chaos after Jacob Zuma sacks finance minister. Zuma under fire for sacking finance minister.

Trump seeks to 'reboot' U.S. relationship with Egypt in Monday talks.

UN renews smaller DR Congo peackeeping force.

ICC prosecutor warns on spiralling DR Congo violence.

South Sudan’s people are starving, and fighters are blocking aid.

Cholera spreads in famine-threatened Somalia.

Cameroon’s Anglophones call for secession or federalism.

Aid groups cut death toll from migrant shipwreck off Libya.


Poland expects to ink $7.6 billion deal for Patriot systems by end-2017.

EU rules out early trade talks with UK in Brexit process.

Future of Gibraltar at stake in Brexit negotiations.

Scotland makes official bid for new independence vote.

Muslims protest with street prayer in Paris suburb.

Russia is a ‘strategic competitor' to the west, says James Mattis.

Germany rejects US pressure for Nato spending rise.

Questions surround German government's refugee phone surveillance law.

OSCE to manage Serbia's presidential election in Kosovo.


White House invites Congress investigation leaders to view documents.

Trump sets himself on collision course with China ahead of Xi meeting.

Colombia's FARC rebels give up guns in disarmament camps.

Venezuela bonds crash as political standoff escalates.

Venezuela 'coup' slammed across the world.

Venezuela's court move breaks law, Maduro ally says.

Bolivia's president Evo Morales to undergo throat surgery in Cuba.

Americans are increasingly blocked at Canada border - report.

Julian Assange waits for Ecuador's election to decide his future.


US court blocks release of Guantanamo force-feeding videos.

Video shows ISIS trying to bait US into killing civilians, military says.

Three suspected Al Qaeda members killed in Yemen drone strike.

State lists 5 terrorists linked to Islamic State, al Qaeda.

Danish court strips Islamic State fighter of citizenship.


Wall Street's rock-solid quarter ends with a loss.

Boeing's newest, largest Dreamliner jet makes first test flight.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now world's second-richest person.

Trump to attack foreign 'trade cheats'.


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