Thursday, June 29, 2017

German Chancellor Merkel Issues A Warning To President Trump Ahead Of Next Weeks' G20 Summit In Hamburg

Bloomberg: Merkel Takes On Trump and Brexit in Combative G-20 Preview

* Chancellor champions Europe, calls climate accord irreversible
* Macron says it’s ‘pointless’ to try to isolate Trump at G-20

German Chancellor Angela Merkel championed Europe, dismissed Brexit and said efforts to fight climate change are irreversible in a combative speech ahead of the Group of 20 summit that’s shaping up to be a confrontation over the direction of global policy.

Merkel, in a speech to lawmakers in Germany’s lower house of parliament on Thursday, noted that “the world has become less united” and acknowledged that discussions at the G-20 meeting in Hamburg on July 7-8 “will be very difficult.”

“The discord is obvious and it would be dishonest to paper over the conflict,” said Merkel, who later held talks with eight other European leaders to align positions before the summit.

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Update: Merkel issues warning to Trump ahead of G20 summit (Reuters)

WNU Editor: She is not going to change President Trump's mind. Her speech is to a German audience, and she is solidifying her vote for this year's German elections.


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Yes, that's domestic policy

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She is a NAZI!