Friday, June 30, 2017

These Are The Key Men In Chinese President Xi's Inner Circle

President Xi Jinping waits to meet Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying after arriving in the city on Thursday. Photo: Reuters

South China Morning Post: All the president’s men – the key players at Xi Jinping’s side in Hong Kong

The handful of trusted officials include party big shots and close companions, such as the PLA’s top general, who are rarely seen during the leader’s trips.

As President Xi Jinping landed in Hong Kong for the first time as the country’s top leader on Thursday, he and his wife were accompanied by a pool of officials in charge of Beijing’s policies for the city.

The handful of officials, most of them Xi’s trusted aides, include party big shots involved in top-level policymaking, government and foreign affairs. They include companions rarely seen in Xi’s domestic and overseas trips, such as the PLA’s top general, and those who run the nerve hubs of China’s legislature and consultation body that ensure the loyalty of social elites.

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WNU Editor: Presidential Chief of Staff Li Zhanshu is the gate-keeper if you want access to President Xi. I am surprised to see top policy adviser Wang Huning in this report. He is rarely mentioned in the press and he is completely unknown in the West .... but (after President Xi) he is China's top strategist and I would say that many of the foreign and domestic policies that are driving China today originated from him.

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