Friday, June 30, 2017

This Is The U.S. Navy Plan To Fix The USS Fitzgerald

The US navy said it was unclear how the collision off the coast of Japan occurred [Kyodo/Reuters]

Defense News: Navy struggles with approach to fix crippled destroyer Fitzgerald, as investigation continues

WASHINGTON — The collision off Japan that claimed the lives of seven sailors on the U.S. Navy destroyer Fitzgerald punched a hole large enough to drive a tractor trailer through, leaving the service with the considerable task of putting the crippled destroyer back together again.

The bulbous bow of the ACX Crystal left a 12x17-foot hole beneath the waterline, per three Navy sources who spoke on background, an enormous breach that rapidly flooded three spaces. Sailors had about a minute to evacuate their berthing, and several were awoken by salt water rushing into their rack, per two sources familiar with the details of the accident said

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WNU Editor: She will be fixed. It will take a long time. And yes .... it will be expensive.

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