Monday, July 31, 2017

Islamic State Tries To Regroup In Libya

ISIS still maintains strong presence in Libya, capitalizing on the chaos that has engulfed the country since 2011.

FOX News: ISIS, squeezed out of Iraq and Syria, now 'regrouping' in Libya, analysts say

As the Islamic State terror network loses territory across Iraq and Syria, analysts and experts assert that the terrorist outfit is increasingly capitalizing on the chaos of Libya, positioning the country as its point of resurgence.

The black-clad jihadist outfit is believed to be regrouping and recruiting in the rural regions south of the main east-to-west coastal highway and in the far-west town of Sabratha, which is poised just 60 miles from the Tunisian border, since being run out of its Libyan “caliphate” capital of Sirte late last year.

“The majority of their fighting force comes from Tunisia, so Sabratha is also a growing center,” prominent terrorism analyst Robert Young Pelton told Fox News. “ISIS in Libya can regenerate quickly.”

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WNU Editor: Groups like the Islamic Satte thrive in countries that are failed states .... and Libya is certainly one of those failed states.

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