Monday, July 31, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 31, 2017

PHOTO: Soldiers of China's People's Liberation Army take part in the the military parade. (Reuters: China Daily)

ABC News Online: China's Xi Jinping tells People's Liberation Army to transform into elite force during military parade

President Xi Jinping has told the Chinese military to transform itself into an elite force, as he oversaw a parade with flybys of advanced jets and a mass rally of troops to mark 90 years since the founding of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

China's armed forces, the world's largest, are undergoing an ambitious modernisation program, which includes investment in technology and new equipment such as stealth fighters and aircraft carriers, as well as cuts to troop numbers.

Mr Xi presided over the large-scale military parade at the remote Zhurihe training base in China's northern Inner Mongolia region, where he inspected troops from the back of a jeep, an event carried live on state television.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 31, 2017

China Demonstrates New DF-31AG Intercontinental Ballistic Missile for First Time -- Sputnik

China must defeat ‘all enemies that dare to offend’, President Xi tells troops at military parade -- SCMP

Xi’s show of force declares China’s battle readiness to the world -- SCMP

At remote northern outpost, China’s military marches where Genghis Khan once rode -- South China Morning Post

China Reveals New Military Technology Agency -- Adam Ni, The Diplomat

Pyongyang's nighttime missile launch signals growing skill -- Nikkei Asian Review

US tests defense system after North Korea missile launch -- CNN

U.S. tests missile defense after North Korean ballistic launch -- UPI

US B-1 bombers overfly Korean Peninsula after North's ICBM test -- DW

South Korea Asks to Increase Its Firepower -- The Atlantic

South Korean Military Mulling Nuclear Arsenal of Its Own -- Sputnik

Putin oversees naval parade -- DW

Tank Biathlon Contest at 2017 Army Games (VIDEO) -- Sputnik

Under PAK FA's Auspices: Russia Develops 'Flying-Wing' Strike Drone -- Sputnik

Haiti Is Bringing Back Its Army -- War Is Boring

Underwater hunt begins for lost Avro Canadian Arrow models -- BBC

Sweden's defense minister faces vote of no-confidence -- Defense News

Romania does multidomain battle on Danube -- Defense News

U.K. submarine completes upgrade, training period -- UPI

Georgia begins U.S.-led military exercise a day before Vice President Pence visit -- Reuters

Outgoing US Army Europe commander pushes for ‘Military Schengen Zone -- Army Times

Air Force F-22 Will Get New Targeting Sensors -- Scout Warrior

US Navy to commission new destroyer USS Rafael Peralta -- UPI

EMALS works! Carrier Ford completes first flight operations -- Military Times

The US Navy 3D printed a concept submersible in four weeks -- The Verge

Future infantry might not need humans -- Air Force Times

Better imagery analysis software coming, says DoD -- C4ISRNet

New night vision means soldiers can shoot around corners -- Army Times

New boot flying off shelves at Marine Corps Exchanges -- Marine Times

Mattis appalled by Trump tweets announcing transgender ban: report -- The Hill

House votes to authorize intelligence agencies -- The Hill

The U.S. Navy's Stealthy Zumwalt Class Destoyer: America’s New 'Pocket' Battleships? -- National Interest

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