Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Majority Of Americans Have No Problem Supporting A Nuclear Strike Against Iran

Faye Flam, Bloomberg: Americans Are a Little Too Relaxed About Nukes

A majority say they'd be fine with dropping a nuclear weapon on an Iranian city. What?

North Korea’s advancing nuclear weapons program isn’t the only news to unnerve arms-control experts this summer. A new survey has revealed that Americans are surprisingly willing to make a first nuclear strike -- and kill millions of civilians abroad.

The survey casts doubt on the power of what experts call the “nuclear taboo,” said Stanford University historian David Holloway, author of “Stalin and the Bomb.” The idea, or hope, behind the concept is that it’s not just luck that humans haven’t dropped any nuclear weapons for 70 years -- that there’s a stigma that makes the use of nuclear weapons unthinkable.

But many Americans say it’s quite thinkable. The taboo may be eroding, or it may never have been the protective barrier people thought it was.

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WNU editor: This poll result is not a surprise. I posted a similar story 2 years ago .... U.S. Citizens Sign 'Obama Petition' To Launch A Pre-Emptive Nuclear Attack Against Russia (June 11, 2015).


Anonymous said...

Freaking insane. There's so many awesome, fun and educated Iranians.. I'd loath any war with them. Hardliners and crazy religious fanatical sects , sure.. no problem sleeping if they are no longer with us..But any Iranian I know (ok many have fled back then and might be a different breed) is decent, hard-working and fun to be around. I just can't imagine a war with Iran. When mcCain joked about bombing Iran and sang that Barbara-bomb-Iran song/parody,I think it was a low point in his career to joke around like that.

Anonymous said...

By the way..same reason why I'd never want a war with Russians.. They are just fun to be around with. And I don't like dying.And in a war with Russia, there will be lots of it lol