Thursday, August 31, 2017

Drone Footage Reveals The Destruction Of The ISIS Stronghold At Raqqa

CNN: Raqqa in ruins: Drone footage reveals devastation in ISIS' stronghold in Syria

(CNN)The streets are eerily empty, with few signs of life in sight. Plumes of smoke billow from the top floors of hollowed out buildings. Neighboring structures appear flattened by mortars and bombs.

This is Raqqa, the capital of ISIS' caliphate in Syria, and the terror group's last major stronghold.

Photojournalist Gabriel Chaim has captured drone footage and photographs while embedded with the Syrian Democratic Forces -- part of the US-led offensive -- that give a rare look inside the city.

For the past three years, access to Raqqa has been extremely limited -- only smuggled videos and occasional satellite footage have provided a glimpse into the besieged city. Under ISIS' brutal regime, phones and cameras were banned and anyone caught with videos or images could have faced death.

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WNU Editor: For a city that once had a population of 220,000, there are only 20,000 left. When one looks at the above video .... aside from the ISIS fighters, you have to wonder why there are 20,000 civilians (most of them being children) who are still remaining.

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