Thursday, August 31, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2017

PHOTO: South Korea and Japan join US strategic bombers as they conduct a show of force in response to North Korea. (Twitter: US Pacific Command)

ABC News Online: North Korea: US bombers, allies conduct drills over Korean peninsula after latest missile launch

South Korean and Japanese jets have joined exercises with two supersonic US B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula, two days after North Korea fired a missile over Japan, sharply raising tensions.

The drills, involving four US stealth F-35B jets as well as South Korean and Japanese fighter jets, came at the end of annual joint US-South Korea military exercises focused mainly on computer simulations.

"North Korea's actions are a threat to our allies, partners and homeland, and their destabilising actions will be met accordingly," Pacific Air Forces commander General Terrence O'Shaughnessy said during an unscheduled visit to Japan.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2017

Marine F-35s, Air Force Bombers Sortie with South Korea, Japan in Show of Force After North Korea Missile Tests -- USNI News

US and allies display military might in direct response to North Korean missile test -- ABC News

North Korean ICBM Technology Still Falls Short, Top General Says -- Bloomberg

U.S. army helicopters seen over South Korean THAAD site -- UPI

Japan Seeks Land-Based US Missile Defense Systems After N Korean Missile Launch -- Sputnik

Japan seeks funds to boost missile ranges days after North Korea threat -- Reuters

Japan's military seeks record-setting budget of $47B -- UPI

Australian special forces to help Duterte's troops in battle against Islamic State in Philippines -- ABC News Online

US Gives Military Assistance to Pakistan, With Strings Attached -- New York Times

Chinese military made multiple attempts to negotiate with India to end stand-off, ministry says -- South China Sea

Report on China Naval Modernization and Implications for the U.S. Navy -- USNI News

Vietnam protests at Chinese military drill in South China Sea -- Reuters

Russia Hoping to Boost Arms Sales After Syrian Usage -- AP

Russia Ranks Second in Military Strength Ranking Among 133 Nations -- Sputnik

Russia plans to export weapons worth $47-50 bln -- TASS

Russia's sixth generation MiG 41 fighter jet will be capable of space travel and could operate without a pilot -- Daily Mail

Serial Deliveries of Russian Newest Su-57 Fighters to Air Force to Start in 2019 -- Sputnik

Zapad 2017: Rattling the West's Cage -- Yuval Weber, RCD

Heckler & Koch quietly becomes world's first ethical gun-maker -- DW

NATO battle groups in Baltics now operational -- UPI

Mattis signs orders to send more troops to Afghanistan -- The Hill

Blackwater founder calls for military contractors in Afghanistan -- The Hill

U.S. Navy's Hugely Versatile SM-6 Missile Keeps Scoring Hits -- The Warzone/The Drive

Air Force Lifts Flight Restrictions on Luke F-35As --

USS George Washington Begins Midlife Refueling, Overhaul With Benefit of Lessons From 5 Previous Aircraft Carriers -- USNI News

Army, Marines order new barrels for lightweight artillery -- UPI

Pentagon releases name of missing soldier from Black Hawk crash -- The Hill

Ex-government contractor Reality Winner, 25, demands that FBI interview 'in which she admitted to sharing classified documents' be declared inadmissible in her trial -- Daily Mail

New Navy Secretary Calls For 'Sense of Urgency' in Vision Statement --

Our Navy is Broken, and That is a Bad Thing -- Jerry Hendrix, Defense One

Adversaries Creep Up on Stealth Aircraft (Updated) -- National Defense

Our military needs support today to prepare for the battles of tomorrow -- Thomas Spoehr, The Hill

US military deploys thousands of troops to Texas -- CNN

Here's what the US military has done so far to help victims of Hurricane Harvey -- Business Insider/DoD

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