Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Slow Breakdown In U.S. And Russian Diplomatic Relations Continues

AFP: US diplomats set to quit Russia as hopes for rapprochement fade

A Moscow deadline for almost two-thirds of US diplomatic staff to leave Russia expires on Friday, an exodus that starkly demonstrates the souring relationship between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

There were hopes of improved ties between Moscow and Washington after Trump's election to the US presidency last year, when both leaders showered each other in praise.

But after the US Congress approved new economic sanctions against Russia over Moscow's alleged meddling in the November election, Putin in July ordered the drastic embassy cuts in retaliation.

Putin said 755 diplomatic staff -- both Russian and American -- would have to stop work by September 1, although the US State Department has not confirmed the number.

The number of US diplomatic staff will now be capped at 455, the same number that Russia has in the United States.

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WNU editor: Relations between the U.S. and Russia are definitely not good, but I will admit that the relationship is not as not as tense or as hostile as I had expected. It is almost as if both sides have other priorities, and there is a tacit understanding that the U.S. - Russian relationship will be revisited at some later time in the future. But the new Russian ambassador to the U.S. does have a valid point with his recommendation that military contacts between the U.S. and Russia should be resumed .... New Russian ambassador to U.S. calls for resumed military contacts (Reuters).

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Anonymous said...

No one cares what Russia thinks. They are smaller weaker country, on the decline. All declining powers can do is cause trouble. They will just be contained and tolerated, until Putin's organized crime syndicate Falls. It will come fast, and will probably be unexpected. But that's how dictators go. It will probably also be bloody because Putin and his cronies are all going to die either way. That's the life of a dictator.