Thursday, August 31, 2017

U.S. Sanctions On North Korea's Finance Houses Will Set-Up A Confrontation With China

The UN Security Council unanimously demanded that Pyongyang halt its missile program (AFP Photo/KENA BETANCUR)

AFP: North Korea tests push US to action on Chinese banks

The failure of UN sanctions to even slow North Korea's nuclear missile program has many in Washington pushing for unilateral US action against the finance houses doing business with Pyongyang -- a move that would set up a confrontation with China.

World powers maintained a show of unity on Tuesday when the UN Security Council voted unanimously to condemn North Korea's latest missile test, in which it provocatively fired an intermediate range weapon over Japan and into the ocean.

But the quick condemnation did not arrive with any promise of a new UN sanctions resolution, amid reluctance from China and Russia to turn the screw too hard or too fast.

US President Donald Trump's administration was frustrated by the outcome.

Trump vented some of this anger at the slow pace of diplomacy on Wednesday in one of his daily Twitter blasts, declaring: "The US has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer!"

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WNU Editor: China will have to decide .... whether they like it or not. A few billion in trade with North Korea .... or $500 billion with the U.S. .... and you can't have both.


Anonymous said...

they don't want 500bn trade with the US. One strike on SF and they will have 5tn more trade world wide @ Huawei and Alibaba alone lol
Look we have seen many times that in China (as well as the US, don't get me wrong), you have people in power who start wars if it brings money.. or are you going to tell me the military industrial complex is innocent in the nearly 50-100 wars and conflicts (depending how you count) we see around the world? Common.. there's already hundreds of billions to be made every freaking year. Now, if you have a fight between two guys, and you really really hate that big guy, but the little guy is your distant retarded cousin, of course you're gonna help him. Now.. ONLY if the Chinese still believe they can make a goddamn fortune from this they will keep backing North Korea.. and they still believe there is a remote chance that one missile might just go through and call in the next Chinese Century. You know every Chinese is craving for it. I've never seen one country with one voice demand something as loudly as they do. You see it in the South China sea. You see it all around the world. There will be a major war if China doesn't get it's "place under the sun", just like Germany back then.. it's an ego thing - and people as well as nations act unpredictably ruthless when it comes to that. But Chinese being Chinese, they will keep every option open.. if they decide it's more impressive to the world if they bslap their little retarded cousin around, they for sure as s* will.

War News Updates Editor said...

I hope that you are wrong Anon. But there is a part of me that will concede that you may be right. Chinese nationalism is now driving a good part of China's foreign policy .... this usually ends up very badly.

Unknown said...

One missile hitting the 3 River Gorges Dam will cut 14% of China's electricity.

Figure in the lost bridges and other damage downstream. China simply cannot defend that dam.

You hit the dam and it will hurt China as much as the Fall of Vicksburg hurt the Confederacy.

If the U.S. hurts China that bad, Russian (North of the Amur & now maybe south of it as well!) and India will tear off more chunks off of China.

It is not only how bad you can hurt the other guy. It is what bystanders can do to you after the person you hurt, puts the hurt on you whether more or less.

China had better learn to yank that leash, say "Heel" & "Bad Dog".