Saturday, September 30, 2017

NSA Admits That It Is Conducting Surveillance On More Than 100,000 Foreign Nationals Outside The US

FOX News: Surveillance program had 106,000 foreign targets in 2016, officials say

With an end-of-year deadline looming to re-authorize a vital foreign intelligence collection tool, senior U.S. government officials said Monday that the program had 106,000 foreign targets in calendar-year 2016 – as they urged renewal, arguing there is “no substitute” for this kind of intelligence.

The “702” program – Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) -- is "the single most important operational statute," one senior government official said, pointing to its effectiveness aiding counter-proliferation efforts, disrupting terrorism plots and aiding warriors on the battlefield.

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Update #1: NSA reveals 100,000 foreign nationals under surveillance (CNN)
Update #2: NSA Targeted 106,000 Foreigners in Spy Program Up for Renewal (Bloomberg)
Update #3: Over 100,000 Foreigners Under Surveillance of US NSA - Reports (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: This is probably the most important section in the NSA.


RussInSoCal said...

It damn well better be WAY more than 100,000 considering what that thing in Utah cost.

Fusion said...

"And we have no idea what anyone of them are up too!" xD

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the LAN parties they could have with that thing? Ping is probably <3ms ;-))