Friday, September 29, 2017

Russia In Secret Talks With North Korea

Covert mission: Members of the North Korean delegation leave after the talks at the Russian foreign ministry venue in Moscow on Friday

Daily Mail: Russia is ready to work together with North Korea to find a 'peaceful resolution' to nuclear missile crisis, Moscow says

* Russian and North Korean representatives met in Moscow on Friday
* Moscow said it had made it clear to Pyongyang that it is ready to mediate
* Foreign Ministry said it wants to find 'peaceful' solution to nuclear missile crisis

Moscow is prepared to work with Pyongyang to try to find a peaceful resolution to the North Korean missile crisis, the Russian Foreign ministry said on Friday.

Russian and North Korean foreign ministry representatives met in Moscow today, and Kremlin said it had sent a clear message to Pyongyang that it was ready to step in to mediate.

Earlier today it was reported that any attempt by North Korea to fire a missile at the United States may force the US military to destroy a nuclear warhead over Russian territory, as this would be the likeliest trajectory of a missile.

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WNU Editor: The Russians demanded this meeting .... and it lasted for 5 hours. My gut is telling me that Moscow wants to hear from the North Koreans themselves on what is their end game .... specifically .... what is it that North Korea wants. But considering that there was no news conference, joint statement issued, or praise from the Russian officials on the success of the meeting .... all of this tells me that the meeting did not go as well as planned, and this "Russian" desire to mediate between all sides was just for show.

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Bob Huntley said...

I imagine the representatives from NK were in no position to agree to anything so if Russia thought they would get a deal cut as a result it was a fanciful dream. Perhaps when they go back to NK with the details some movement might begin.

Fusion said...

They are gearing up to create plans to meddle with the next US election! xD

opit said...

Any idea that Russia is in a position to mediate between North Korea and the USA belongs to a special category of speculative fiction devoted to failed causes.