Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tensions Are High In Catalonia On The Eve Of Its Independence Vote

New York Times: Faces of Joy, Rage and Resolve in Catalonia as Independence Vote Nears

Catalonia, the restive northeastern region that includes Barcelona and that is Spain’s economic powerhouse, is attempting to vote on Sunday in an independence referendum.

The Catalans say that their distinct language, history and culture entitle them to nationhood, or at least that they should have the chance to decide for themselves whether to break from Spain.

The central government in Madrid, with the support of Spanish courts, says the vote is unconstitutional and should be suspended. It is doing everything it can to prevent it from happening: confiscating ballots; shutting down the internet; barring polling stations and threatening Catalan officials with arrest and prosecution. It has sent thousands of police from other parts of Spain to potentially enforce the measures.

The standoff is growing increasingly volatile as the scheduled start of voting on Sunday morning approaches.

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