Saturday, September 30, 2017

U.S. Air Force's Academy Superintendent Rebukes Students Over Racism

Business Insider: Watch an Air Force general rebuke students over racism at Air Force Academy: Show respect or 'get out'

After racial slurs were found on dormitory message boards belonging to five black cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School this week, the academy's superintendent offered a harsh rebuke of racism, misogyny, and other forms of bigotry.

"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. If you can't treat someone of another gender, whether that's a man or a woman, with dignity and respect, then you need to get out," Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria said to a gathering of Air Force Academy cadets, flanked by academy officers and staff.

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WNU Editor: His remarks have been widely viewed online .... Air Force Academy Leader’ Speech On Race Becomes Widely Viewed Online (CBS).


Anonymous said...

The great hypocrisy of this position is, it is only the white students who must treat the other races with dignity and respect. There is NO requirement or expectation that other races would treat whites with dignity and respect. White men are everyone's favorite targets and neither the media or the establishment one will complain or interfere if whites are bullied and threatened, and assaulted, which they are, in growing numbers throughout the USA. When any white fight back, with slogans or nooses, the entire leftist media goes into a frenzy of denunciation. Hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Agreed!! I don't support any type of racism and what you said is very true.myself I have experienced it ever since school and you didn't dare reply- no support from anyone if you did and expect to be mobbed while other whites watch on. We are not accountable for the mistakes our grandfather's made!

Anonymous said...

Anon. I get your point. There clearly is a more racially charged atmosphere against white males, and to some extend also white females, but as females often get a pass on the craziest stuff we'd often lose out jobs for, I'd agree that white males do get a bit targeted more often these days.

Now, having said that, I also must say that blacks are being targeted by police in extremely disproportionate manner. You could be a tax paying, PhD-titled black American and you still have to sweat when driving your car to work ffs.this is not right. White males are often targeted these days and a few punches are thrown, yes I agree. But ffs don't you see what it must feel like being black in America? You were basically a second class citizen just a few decades ago. And you get reminded by it every day. Less income. Less chances of getting ahead. Being shot by police (black and white police officers, mind you. Black officers are scared of their own race. .because black looks more scary to everyone, studies showed). So what do you do? You were born with that skin and you don't do anything wrong and still have to fast for your life. And they were hoping that after having a black president maybe everyone else would see "hey, blacks ain't that bad", but no. ..shootings at the end of Obama term went way up. Of course you get mad. You don't want to live through some more decades of this sh*t. You finally want justice.

That's what it's about, I think. So yeah, it can suck being a white male and working your ass off and people just think you have it easy and you can't imagine what it must be like being black. But you know what? Our lives are hard sometimes, but no matter how hard it gets, our lives are still easier than if we were black, if you're honest. So I support them. It's just not fair to fear for your life ffs just because of your skin colour.

Anonymous said...

True brother, hatred of whites is not only tolerated but even encouraged. It would be interesting to know what the general really thinks? He is probobly doing lipservice to political correctness like most officials paid homage to communism in the old Soviet union.

Anonymous said...

I can almost guarantee you that the perpetrator is black.

Unknown said...

My spouse watched this crap on Yahoo by the AF general spewed and they got emotional.

That every one respect one another is a no brainer. My church and my school practiced this decades ago. It is why Sunday school ended up in a synagogue. It was outreach both ways.

That the general reiterate it every so often is a no brainer.

Beyond that message the general went Beyond the Pale.

IMO there is a 50% chance that this is white racism. That leaves 50% chance that this is a false flag operation by an individual or individuals.

I do believe that cadets are stupid enough to engage in racism. Cadets have murdered their girlfriends (David Graham) and engaged in child porn (last year).

I also believe there are many false reports.

Fake Hate: Black Graduate Student Admits to Hanging Racist “White Only” Signs on Campus

The Top 10 False Claims of Racism on Campus

WE do keep score and we will remember. We take names and will vote.

Has the general waited for the investigation to complete?

He mentioned message boards. These are probably small whiteboards outside prep cadets rooms. There are probably 2 preps to a room. The USAF probably does not have surveillance of the hallway where the boards are located. The perpetrator knows this. Cadets usually have to stick together for classes, PT, meals and everything else. They are not alone for most of their time. It could very well be that it was at least 3 cadets. 1 writer and 2 lookouts. I put somewhat better than even money that the perpetrator(s) are black given the demographic mix, number of hoaxes, and the diversity curriculum (Charlottesville & Ferguson were mentioned by the general).

These preps are people that the Academy wants into the Academy but do not have the academic preparation. The grades are bad. Their scores are low. They did not take the proper courses. This is Academy 99 or 101. These preps will have a higher percentage of minorities than the population at large.

IMO we should just call him General Odious.

Unknown said...

"I can almost guarantee you that the perpetrator is black." - Anon

50% or better of the cadets in the prep school would have been Black or Hispanic.

But remember if a Hispanic is liberal, he is a minority. If the Hispanic does something that the liberals do not like, he is white. You gotta follow those double standard liberal rules.