Saturday, September 30, 2017

Yemen Rebels Warn Israel Is Within Range Of Their Missiles

Newsweek: Israel Military Bases Within Range of Missiles, Yemen Rebels Warn

A spokesperson for Yemeni rebels warned Israel not to intervene in the country's civil war, saying Israeli military bases in Africa are within range of their missiles.

Colonel Aziz Rashid, a member of the rebel alliance that ousted Yemeni President Abbed Rabbo Hadi in 2014, accused Israel of fighting alongside a Saudi Arabia–led coalition that is attempting to reinstate the exiled Yemeni leader, and threatened to strike Israeli military installations. He said his forces would also soon have missiles capable of reaching bases in Israel itself.

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WNU Editor:Israel is far away from Yemen .... The Houthis must feel very confident in their missile capabilities.


Unknown said...
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Jac said...

I would like to know what Colonel Aziz Rashid is smoking.

Bob Huntley said...

Is it for sure the missiles are in Yemen?