Saturday, December 30, 2017

Australian Defence Forces On Heightened Alert During Russian Military Exercises In Indonesia

Russia's Tu-95 turboprop-powered strategic bombers and missile carriers are nuclear-capable. Photo: AFP

ABC News Online: Australian Defence Force on heightened alert during Russian military exercise in Indonesia

Defence personnel in Darwin were operating at "increased readiness" earlier this month as Russian strategic bombers conducted navigation exercises close to Australia, flying out of an Indonesian military base.

The ABC can reveal RAAF Base Darwin was placed on a "short period" of heightened alert, while over 100 Russian personnel and several aircraft were stationed at the Biak Airbase in Indonesia's eastern Papua province.

During the five-day stopover two nuclear-capable Tu-95 bombers flew their first ever patrol mission over the South Pacific, prompting concerns they may have been collecting valuable intelligence.

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RussInSoCal said...

Australia is another nation who will have to dramatically step up their defense posture and material. They need nuke subs and stealth jets off the bat.

And New Zealand too.

Carl said...

The Russians are intercepting US, NATO and other US allied aircraft off their coasts nearly every day, but we're supposed to panic when two Russian bombers show up in Indonesia? I bet they're not even armed.

fazman said...

Stealth jets are on order, state of the art baracuda subs on order, Raytheon missile defence on order, ageis ships etc etc.
Aust military and personnel is top shelf .

Anonymous said...

Carl, your logic is flawed. When was the last time Australia invaded a country? Russia within the last few years invaded Ukraine and Georgia and has stated several times that other former Soviet states should fall in line and not become part of the west.
So yeah, that's why.

Anonymous said...

Those "state of the art barracuda subs on order" will turn out to be an unmitigated disaster. We should have bitten the bullet and bought the nuclear version (ordered by the French navy) as opposed to an inferior diesel-electric version. Rumour is the French are walking back on their pump-jet propulsion design for the diesel as they discover the energy requirements require a nuclear reactor. Unfortunately both major political parties in Australia lack the balls to purchase nuclear subs which they know are 100x better suited for our vast blue water operations. Fear of losing an election is more dire than sending our submariners into war in an inferior vessel.

fazman said...

The diesel option is better suited for Australia theatre of operations, also don't disregard the Collins they have sunk numerous u.s warships during games including a u.s carrier off Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Australian submarine theatre of operations extend to the South China Sea and Vladivostok. We do not hang around the Australian coastline in the shallows. As soon as a diesel pops up to breathe it is pinged by a satellite. The USN (operating in the same area) does not use diesels for a reason. Don't get me started on the distances the subs need to travel from Garden Island (home port) before even reaching theatre.