Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's Cold Out There

WNU Editor: I am at my chalet in the Laurentians in Quebec. Just checked the thermostat outside .... -29C right now. The forecast for tonight's New Years celebrations is -33C .... with the windchill around -40C. Hmmm .... yup .... we are going to celebrate indoors.


Unknown said...

Plummeting temperatures could send the world into a 'mini ice age' in 2030 and could OVERRIDE global warming, claim mathematicians

Lets point something out.

The modelers here are saying that we will see the effects in 3 or 4 years. The whole thing will be over in 14 years. That is most of us will see whether the modelers were accurate within our life time. So they are modeling, but we will be able to assess their models with data.

This is in contrast the the alarmists, who give us their projection out to 2100 of 6 foot to 20 foot sea level rise. The alarmists are as brazen and dishonest as politicians, who have plan to balance a budget in the out years. The claims of the alarmists are not disprovable with and data set. They just move the goal posts from global warming to climate change to wild weather.

So far global temperature have not gone up, since 1998 like the alarmists have said they would.

The alarmists record has been bad for a generations, 2 decades. Do we trust their out year predictions. They will have laughed all the way to the bank and be 6 feet under due to old age. What do we do then. Reparations for people that taxed by unscrupulous rent-seeking scientists and activists.

Unknown said...

"Researchers, led by maths professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University, built up on previous research that predicts magnetic waves produced by the sun."

Read more:

Jay Farquharson said...

Baffin Island's pretty warm this winter, so's Alaska, Russia, etc.

Unknown said...

Jay that was a snapshot it time of data that has been adjusted. It is not raw data.

Also, you have not worked with modeling etc. So what the heck do you know.

I saw some scientist explain that their model agrees the best with historical data and therefore it is the best model. Having taken modeling, I know that he was wrong. Now I know you could not know that and just would go with your shaman/scientist.

And no Jay you won't be able to look that up in a web search nor get a talking points memo or pundit piece.

You are going to have to take a modeling course and/or talk to someone who remembers more than just the mechanics of the software, etc.

Unknown said...

The temperature reading remind of the weather station hanging over the shoulder and thus the blacktop on a U.S. interstate.

I am sure the blacktop near the thermometer will not influence the reading.

Of course that is not as bad as stations that were in parking lots or at airports next to aircraft taxiways.

The alarmists finally got off their duff and got rid of the weather station at a parking lot at Arizona University.

BTW Jay just how many weather stations are there at Baffin Island?

Maybe there are inferring that temperature form statellit readings

Unknown said...

There are 16 potential weather stations to use at Baffin Island.

How they set up there thermometers is unknown. It matters.

We cannot assume they set them up correct just because it is 2018 especially give the vast number of mistakes made at other weather stations.

Unknown said...


Simple question. I know you can see it because you check your mobile device often.

How is it that you never take into account failed predictions?

"According To A 1988 Prediction From NASA's Then-Leading Climate Scientist, Lower Manhattan Should Be Underwater By Midnight Tonight!"

Just leave off commenting on Cernovich and focus on the failed prediction.

Jay Farquharson said...


Unknown said...

"How is it that you never take into account failed predictions?" - Aezino


"LMAO" - Jay


"A little known 20 40 year old climate change prediction by Dr. James Hansen – that failed will likely fail badl"

Dr. James Hansen said it and he could not back up.


"According To A 1988 Prediction From NASA's Then-Leading Climate Scientist, Lower Manhattan Should Be Underwater By Midnight Tonight!"

Unknown said...

Remember Jay according to your shaman the west side highway on Manhattan along the Hudson River will be underwater.

The article has lots of pics disproving Hansen and lot of Hansen quotes.