Sunday, December 31, 2017

Unrest In Iran -- News Roundup December 31, 2017

Daily Mail: Iran blacks out social media as President Rouhani slams Trump in address to his nation after defiant protesters face water cannon and hundreds of arrests on the fourth day of demonstrations

* Rouhani hit back at Donald Trump saying he had called Iranians terrorists
* Trump supporting protesters 'but has no right to sympathise with Iranians'
* Iranian regime blocked Instagram and messaging app Telegram amid protests
* Comes after regime vowed protesters would 'pay the price' for causing unrest
* Despite clampdown on social media, protesters continue to take to the streets

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani has hit back at Donald Trump, saying the U.S President has no right sympathise with Iranians after calling them terrorists.

In his first public comments since the wave of anti-government protests began on Thursday, he also said people are free to criticise the government but their protests should not lead to violence.

The authorties in Iran have now blocked access to Instagram and the popular Telegram messaging app used by activists to organize and publicize the protests.

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Unrest In Iran -- News Roundup December 31, 2017

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Dov Sar said...

In some ways this might be hopeful, if there is peaceful transition to a secular government. But is there any chance of the current Iranian government starting a war to be able to stifle dissent?

Unknown said...

What would they say at Zerohedge?

Bullish ... Iranian interrogators.

at least short term.

jimbrown said...

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are considering war to over come domestic issues.

Unknown said...


I won't dispute what you say. I kind of agree.

Still the Russian and German example show there are constraints in war. If your troops are not into it and the home front is falling apart, you fold.

I do not suppose the Ayatollahs are as widely read in military science/history as they should be.

The Crown Prince is disappointing too. If the price were smart (no he is intelligent, just not wise enough) he would sell the super yacht and the chateau for a profit, any profit, and apply the proceeds (base and profit) to a slum and call it zakat 10 times over.

Bob Huntley said...

Yes Jim, as is Trump no doubt.

Unknown said...

"Yes Jim, as is Trump no doubt."

Pass laws during the cover of war?

Why go there. Trump passed a tax law in broad daylight, because he wanted economic growth.

That is not very warmongering.

Unemployment rate is at 4.1%, which is okay, but now we have to concentrate on job quality such as getting Foxcon jobs, higher paying jobs, in Wisconsin.

Did Obam bring in Foxcon?