Saturday, December 30, 2017

What Should U.S. Civilians Do In The Event Of A Major War?

Civilians run in panic after coalition aerial bombardment hit ISIL positions in Mosul, Iraq [Reuters]

Elisabeth Braw, Defense One: When the War Comes, What Should We Civilians Do?

The military can’t do it all. The US needs a national civilian emergency corps, trained and ready to help in case of the next disaster, be it cyber, nuclear, or natural.

Imagine this. Yesterday, Russian warships cut several of the undersea cables that power the internet. Millions of Europeans suddenly found themselves unable to use email and text messaging services. They were unable to bank or pay their bills online. Retailers’ websites ceased to function. Families stampeded on grocery stores. By the evening, internet-enabled hospitals had to revert to old-fashioned treatment. At bank branches, fist fights broke out as people queued up to withdraw cash. Unverified news of an impending military invasion caused residents to leave major cities, clogging up up rail lines, highways, and gas stations.

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WNU Editor: If there is a major war .... civilians will do what they have always done in conflicts. Stay away from the fighting, and try to survive.


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