Wednesday, February 28, 2018

China's Censors Are Hard At Work

The Guardian: Ce*sored! China bans letter N (briefly) from internet as Xi Jinping extends grip on power

Amid fallout from the decision to allow Xi to be president for life, censors also crack down on letters, phrases and George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

It is the 14th letter in the English alphabet and, in Scrabble, the springboard for more than 600 8-letter words.

But for the Communist party of China it is also a subversive and intolerable character that was this week banished from the internet as Chinese censors battled to silence criticism of Xi Jinping’s bid to set himself up as ruler for life.

The contravening consonant was perhaps the most unusual victim of a crackdown targeting words, phrases and even solitary letters censors feared might be used to attack Beijing’s controversial decision to abolish constitutional term limits for China’s president.

The Communist party has painted the move - which experts say paves the way for Xi to become a dictator for life - as an expression of overwhelming popular support for China’s strongman leader. However, there has been widespread online push-back in China since it was announced on Sunday on the eve of an annual political congress in Beijing.

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WNU Editor: Someone pointed out to me a few days ago that WNU is blocked in China. Yes it is .... WNU is hosted on the Blogger platform (which is part of Google), and the platform itself is banned in China. For those who want to check on who is being censored/banned in China, go to this link here.


Anonymous said...

We can joke about it, but really, how long until you(WNU) are banned in the US? Russian roots with a conservative are the new definition of the "Boogeyman".

B.Poster said...


There are number of Americans, myself included, who simply don't agree with the current policies that appear to seek only to demonize Russia making them an enemy for what appears to be no good reason. As such, I am cautiously optimistic we are going to get this right in the end.

Not only has Russia been made into a "boogeyman" but a very careful diplomatic process that took much time and effort by allot of good people has essentially been destroyed for the foreseeable future all by people who appear to be petty losers who simply can't to terms with the fact that they lost to a better candidate, who had a much better message that resonates/resonated with the voters, and who ran a much better campaign.

Crusader said...

I see being banned in China as a badge of honour for asking the right sort of questions. Well done, Mr WNU.

Anonymous said...

Please stop pretending you're American. I've never seen anyone blow Putin on his knees as much as you do

Anonymous said...

He won't stop dude, being payed to slur his dribble. Just giggle and scroll- it's the people he convinces that is troubling. Back to the topic imagine if China had a scenario like Syria? It is possible