Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Germany Admits That Their Foreign And Defense Ministries Have Been Hit By Russian Hackers

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

DW: Germany admits Russian hackers infiltrated foreign and defense ministries

German security services have admitted they uncovered a Russian cyberattack on the foreign and defense ministries in December. Sources say the malware had been planted up to a year earlier.

The German government admitted on Wednesday that the foreign and defense ministries had been infiltrated by Russian hacking group APT28.

Citing anonymous sources, the German news agency dpa reported the group likely placed a piece of malware in a key government network. The malware could have remained in the government's networks for as long as a year, security officials said.

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Anonymous said...

But if we believe bposter, the west is the bad actor here and glorious mother Russia never does anything bad. Russia didn't invade Georgia, didn't invade Ukraine, didn't meddle in US elections, didn't just build a 100 Megaton salted torpedo, didn't just get caught smuggling goods to north Korea, didn't just attack a US Base in Syria, didn't hack Germany, doesn't kill or imprison political opponents.... right? Oh and Putin is of course greatest and best chess master and Russian army is mightiest on earth lol

Anonymous said...

Everyone hacks everyone since many years. US is herself known to hack even allies since a long time, just ask Merkel that had her phone hacked by american intelligence.

manstien said...

The belief that Russia is "more evil" than the USA, indicates naivety on history and human nature.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 100%.

fazman said...

The torpedos legit.

fred said...

Perhaps there are degrees in hacking, ie, changing an election, seeking info, commercial stealing, etc and some fairly routine and not so bad whereas other forms a direct assault similar to a military attack, ie, bringing down electrical any case, the notion that most nations do this should lead to a massive attack by our strong allies to send Russia a clear signal on what to expect

Bob Huntley said...

Imagine a hacking technology that would determine clandestine plans for interference and or actual invasion of another country, make them public worldwide 7/24 and undermine the ability to interfere.

fred said...

I note in passing that when it was made very clear that Russia had intefered in our elections, Trump, to the dismay of even those in his own party, refused to apply sanctions, make statements, or do anything to denounce such inteference

Anonymous said...

No evidence has been presented of russian interference, which seems strange to say the least.
Especially since everything else is leaked these days, mostly anynomous sources that claims russians did this or that. But no evidence has ever been presenter, except the enormously discredited Steel dossier.

The only russian scandalso far I have seen evidence for is the one with Hillary. Strangely enough no one except Fox seems interested in that.