Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Is Saudi Arabia Getting Ready For War?

Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner: Saudi Arabia gets ready for war

Saudi Arabia is preparing for war and doubling down on its modernity revolution. That’s my takeaway from the desert kingdom's replacement on Monday of its chairman of the joint chiefs and its air defense and army commanders. Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman's hand is very evident here.

The unceremonious dumping of incumbent officials wasn’t limited to the military; also Monday, various security and provincial officials were also sent packing and younger officials promoted to replace them. A female minister was also appointed to the Labor Department.

These changes speak to something deeper: While King Salman’s stamp was applied to the personnel changes, Mohammed bin Salman is the key here.

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Update: Why Saudi Arabia Is Suddenly Shaking Up Its Military (Deborah Amos, NPR)

WNU Editor: Saudi Arabia has been at war for years. Against Islamic extremists within its borders. Through proxies in Syria. And directly in Yemen. And what is striking about these conflicts is that Saudi Arabia is not winning.

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jimbrown said...

I think war could come faster than the reforms.