Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 28, 2018

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Haaretz: Israeli Satellite Images Reveal: Iran Builds Military Base Near Damascus

Fox News published the images showing a military base northeast of Syria's capital. According to the report, Iran's Al Quds force is operating the post.

Iran has established a military base outside Syria's capital city of Damascus. Fox News published the Israeli satellite photos showing the base eight miles northwest of Damascus on Wednesday.

The images reportedly show two warehouses storing missiles capable of hitting all of Israel. According to the report, members of the Iran Revolutionary Guard's special operations Quds Force are operating the base.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 28, 2018

Satellite image said to show new Iranian military base in Syria -- The Times of Israel

US General: Iran Posing Long-Term Threat to Mideast Stability -- Voice of America

Saudi Crown Prince meets new military chiefs -- Arab News

Why Saudi Arabia Is Suddenly Shaking Up Its Military -- NPR

US General: 'Russia Threatens Our Ability to Dominate Airspace' in Middle East -- Sputnik

How Russia is using Syria as a military 'guinea pig' -- The Jerusalem Post

US training Europe to use tactical nukes against Russia is threat to non-proliferation – Lavrov -- RT

US Training European Military to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Russia - Russian FM -- Sputnik

China has plan to build nuclear-powered aircraft carrier -- Reuters

China's military flexes muscles for domestic objective: more funding -- Reuters

Pakistan launches naval exercise as it aims to counter India, protect economy -- Defense News

Sudanese president names new military chief, top commanders -- FOX News/AP

German lawmaker calls for end to ‘failed’ European Defense Agency -- Defense News

Should the Navy Fear China's 'Streetfighter' Ships? -- Lyle J. Goldstein, National Interest

After ISIS, US military confronts challenge from Russia, China in Middle East -- Washington Post

Development for future vertical-lift aircraft slow-rolled in Army budget plans -- Defense News

The Army says its next-generation assault rifle will pack a punch like a tank's main gun -- Business Insider

Battlefield tech demands: Rapid Equipping Force preps for surge with new Army brigades -- Defense News

U.S. Military Opened Secretive Drone Base to Visitors (After The Intercept Wrote About It) -- The Intercept

Navy to Develop Shipboard Defensive Laser Weapons -- USNI News

Navy to ‘take the man out of the minefield’ in clearing underwater explosives -- Navy Times

New Navy Block III Super Hornet Gets Advanced Targeting & EW Tech -- Warrior Maven

Super Hornets and Growlers to get bigger fuel tanks -- Navy Times

Navy's budget sets aside funds to replace aging Northwest tugboats -- Kitsap Sun

Sweeping legislation aims to fix the US surface Navy -- Defense News

We Must Shock-Test the USS Gerald R. Ford -- Jerry Hendrix, National Review

Commerce Dept. Sees Strong Link Between Steel And National Security; Military Doesn't Seem So Sure -- Forbes

Pentagon probes cost overruns, delays at StratCom’s new $1.3 billion HQ -- Omaha World Herald

Soldiers, With Empathy: U.S. Army Creates Dedicated Adviser Brigades -- NPR

Special Operations Command asks for more troops, biggest budget yet -- Military Times

The U.S. Military's Big Problem: An Addiction to Special Forces? -- Steven P. Bucci, National Interest

How the Pentagon devours the budget -- William D. Hartung & Tom Dispatch, Salon

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