Saturday, March 31, 2018

DARPA Wants A Program That Can Predict An Opponent's Strategy And Then Recommend Strategies To A Commander

Michael Peck, National Interest: DARPA's Mad Scientists Have a Sneaky Plan to Win the next Big War

The art of generalship is to get inside the enemy's head. From Caesar to Napoleon to Rommel, the best commanders have a knack for deducing the enemy's plans and then moving to exploit that insight.

At the same time, a staple of science fiction is the omniscient computer. DARPA wants to merge these two phenomenon into software that will determine an opponent's strategy and then recommend strategies to a commander.

Collection and Monitoring via Planning for Active Situational Scenarios (COMPASS) will focus on "gray zone" warfare, that nebulous not-quite-war mixture of cyberoperations, special forces, insurgents, information operations and other ways of waging war without actually going to war. Its most practiced practitioner today is Russia, which has used the technique to good effect in Crimea and Ukraine.

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WNU Editor: People are creatures of habit .... so maybe it can be predicted, even on a battlefield. But as to when such a platform will be applied .... that is far in the future.

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