Saturday, March 31, 2018

For The Past Five Months China Had Completely Cut-Off North Korea From Petrol Products And Other Vital Supplies

China's President Xi Jinping (R) shaking hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Beijing on March 27. Data suggests China might have used its economic clout to ensure it remained at the heart of international negotiations involving North Korea Credit: AFP

The Telegraph: China turns the screw on North Korea by cutting its petrol supply, report says

China has turned off the tap on crucial goods for North Korea in a bid to pile on economic pressure as South and North Korean leaders prepare for an unprecedented diplomatic summit this April, and hopes for May talks between the US the isolated country mount.

The leaders of North and South Korea are to meet on April 27 for the first time in more than a decade, the two countries announced on Thursday after preliminary talks between senior officials.

An analysis of Chinese customs data from Aberdeen Standard Investments has revealed that China’s exports of refined petroleum to North Korea have collapsed in the last five months, to as little as 3.7 per cent on the previous year.

Other products have also been hit. North Korean steel imports from China have fallen dramatically, along with car imports. Economists believe that the data may explain the recent dramatic shifts in North Korean policy.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un provoked widespread international attention this week with a trip to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. This followed the country's attendance at the Winter Olympics, and was another highly unusual step for closed-off state, known for its efforts to proliferate nuclear weapons an oppressive regime.

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WNU Editor: Now we know why North Korea offered to enter into talks with South Korea and the U.S. during and ater the Olympic Games, and why North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un scurried to China this past week when Beijing gave him an invitation to visit the capital and to discuss the upcoming talks. He is being squeezed, and we now to what extent he has been squeezed. The big question that I have right now is that since Kim Jung-Un's visit, will China open the borders to export these products, or will they keep on squeezing him?


B.Poster said...

"Will they keep squeezing him?" I don't know. I'd say "it depends."

DJT inherited a country with a depleted military that was/is in a great deal of trouble. Fortunately he has refrained from such ridiculous nonsense of America as a "superpower," "indispensable nation" or other auch stupid and insane nonsense.

He has referred to the US military as having "great power." This would be correct with America's nuclear arsenal assuming it actually works. Given the lack of maintenance to this arsenal, that assumption is questionable at best.

DJT said as the first thing he did upon taking office was to fix this. I certainly hope so. This would give us leverage in negotiating. After all it isn't like US conventional forces are going to scare China. Once we get past the "military porn" of US special forces there's not much there. In otherwords the US military is not likely to pose any threat to countries like Russia or China.

Over the skies of Syria the Russian Airforce proved the USAF is no match for them. Did POTUS receive this information? I'm assuming he did. It very likely came through Jared whom petty partisan fools sought to freeze out. As such, he's concluded FINALLY and CORRECTLY we need to get out of Syria NOW!!

What did DJT give up to ensure Chinese and Russian cooperation? In the case of Russia this is quite easy. Take steps towards honoring the agreements that ended Cold war 1. Halt and roll back NATO expansion toward Russia's borders. In the case of China, withdrawal from the Korean Peninsula and recognizing China's dominant position in the South China Sea just might get this done. Kim gains control of tbe entire Peninsula. In exchange he abandons his desire to destroy America. (I've moticed his constant frowning, much like a man who is trying to supress his desire to smile.) The "fix" may already be in. This does end our national humiliation on the Korean Peninsula once and for all.

Should the South Korean users and abusers cease to exist no real loss!! DJT correctly called them out by name. Somehow I think they will continue to exist. They will choose to act reasonably. I think DJT caling them out by name during the campaign correctly as users and abusers led them to decide that perhaps they should enter into negotiations with North Korea in good faith.

Fusion said...

Please explain how the US isn't a super power, but Russia is, and explain how the Russian air force is more powerful in Syria, then the US. I find that hard to believe.

I enjoy you're thoughts except when you bash the US as a military power with no facts or explanation.

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