Saturday, March 31, 2018

Israel Loses A Drone In Lebanon, The Fourth This Year

A photo on local media claims to show the crash site of an Israeli drone that went down in Lebanon, March 31, 2018 (screenshot)

Times of Israel: Israeli drone crashes in Lebanon due to malfunction

Army says no sensitive info lost in incident; according to Al-Manar, spy plane was destroyed by second aircraft after going down in country's south

An Israeli drone on Saturday crashed in Lebanese territory due to a technical malfunction, the Israeli army said.

The IDF said the incident was being investigated, and added that no sensitive information had been lost due to the crash.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television had reported on the crash earlier. It said the unmanned aircraft went down between the villages of Beit Yahoun and Baraachit in southern Lebanon.

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Unknown said...

Drones are meant to be lost. They are meant to be expendable, which is not to say one shot.

What you don't see is Hezbollah holding hostage an airman or an airman's remains.

fred said...

right...good for you AS

Unknown said...


As a Democrat voter, I just want you to know who you are shacked up with.

"As a girl, in 1942, Mme Knoll narrowly escaped being rounded up by the French police and put on a train to Auschwitz. Last weekend, at the age of 85, the remains of her wheelchair-bound body were found in her Paris flat. Her body had been stabbed and burned. Mme Knoll, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease had apparently previously told police about a neighbour who had threatened to ‘burn her’. And so the fires that failed to catch the nine-year old Mireille in Auschwitz caught up with her seven decades later in multicultural, diverse, 21st century France."

Escape Auschwitz only to be murdered by people the Left brings in.

Unknown said...

Man, I would bet money to see if you could finish a MICHAEL WALSH article to the end and read it with comprehension.

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